These are the continuing voyages... (More work on BetterBilling...)

Continued work on BetterBilling this evening. Particularly started working on creating stand-ins for the eventual user-driven package-setup functions. Eventually a user should be able to compose a new package (billable thing) out of technical effects (services provided by the backend) and configurations (user choices that control the operation technical effects). For now I'm just manually creating the code to set up those prototyped node hierarchies.

I also did some preliminary work on the State (workflow) system, enough to realise I needed to restructure a number of tables, anyway (was tying permissions to state-transitions, they need to be tied to (state+node-type) since you want entirely different permissions based on the type of node involved). Going to need more work on that.

After that it's time to work on the back-end triggering code, then probably rough out the billing/invoicing stuff. That'll probably take me to Thursday, when I should find out what this new project that's apparently due on the 14th is. For tonight, however, my hands are on fire, so I'm going to head off to bed. Only 1.5 hours billable tonight, but hopefully the start of a reasonable platform for future projects.


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