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I wanted to get back to doing a bit of React.js, so I started converting more of the WebToys into React (from Angular and raw Jquery). It took a bit of staring at old code to remember the React way of things. There are definitely some things I need to get sorted; how to parameterize from HTML to React cleanly, for instance (so an element can specify parameters for a view, for instance); it works, but not happy with the approach so far. The form story also seems a bit broken in my usage; it seems like 20-30 lines of code just to get a basic "text/number input that updates a field on storage/model"... it's reusable, but it's not clean-feeling, and the control goes crazy when I use Chromium's debug tools with it.

Anyway, will have to do more playing with it; so far it's actually allowed a few levels of dynamism I didn't venture into with the previous implementations (e.g. making "powers ten" actually "powers N", and compressing two similar toys into the same codebase with a simple parameter). The rest of the WebToys are all linguistic (the ones converted so far are all math/numbers), so we'll see if the React approach works for that.


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