UI stuff just feels more interesting (Simple little navigation widgets for a hierarchic schema...)

Finished off the day's work by working on some simple navigation widgets for the billing system. The entire system is built using directed acyclic graphs (of various types). Because of that you can readily construct generic views that let you see the parents and children of any node in the system. I'm still looking for how to customise the views on a per-package basis and how to make the authorisation respect the idea that a user has permissions only in their own service group.

Met Amanda at Linux Caffe today. She moved up here from the US with her partner a while ago. Pleasant chatting with her for most of the afternoon as I worked. She's learning Python in order to work on a unified input project that's written in C++ but has a socket-based extension protocol.

After Linux Caffe closed I headed over to watch Shane play poker, then we wandered the streets looking for opportunities for random acts of kindness. Met a pleasant lady from up near the Bruce Peninsula, Shane gave her 4 bunches of flowers, two of them to be given to the home for the aged at which she volunteers. Pleasant way to round out the day.


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