You pay for quick-and-dirty hacks (In maintenance headaches...)

One of the reasons I want to create a properly-engineered second-generation billing system is that the first-generation system I work with has a number of hacks that get around things that weren't contemplated in the initial design of various pieces.

Each of those hacks was implemented using the simplest possible design when they were discovered, but refactoring the whole code-base to try to unify them without proper supporting substructures is a pita. Of course, having something I can redistribute myself (i.e. to which I have title and for which I can give licenses) will also be a very useful thing.

Anyway, spent the day on minor refactoring and fixes to try to eliminate some of the hackiness of a few of the existing hacks... still some corner cases I need to deal with tomorrow. Long day from a billing perspective, up early with 6:20 total billable hours, very good utilisation rate, as that was on only 7:30 total hours. Hands and shoulders a bit sore, headache noticable, but not horrific. It doesn't compensate for the missed day yesterday, but it's a good start for a short week. Sonila's over for dinner this evening, so I'm going to head down to the market and lay in some food.


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