PyGTA this Tuesday, 6:30PM at Linux Caffe (Starting earlier to get finished earlier...)

PyGTA this month is going to try starting 1/2 hour earlier, at 6:30, instead of 7:00. Linux Caffe stays open just for us on these nights, so we're going to try to finish around 8:30 or so so that they can get home to their loved ones. We'll do mostly socialisation and chatting for the first 1/2 hour and start the formal introduction and talk-ish stuff at 7:00 so that those who can't get down to Linux Caffe by 6:30 won't miss "the big ticket". We'll go out, (as is normal for us) for beer and/or cheesecake afterward so that those who arrive later don't miss out on all of the social aspect either.

This month we're going to discuss the SQLObject Object Relational Mapper (particularly as it's used from TurboGears, though we'll briefly explore stand-alone as well). As others have noted in comments here, there is also the SQLAlchemy project, but we'll start with SQLObject, since it's the default ORM for TurboGears (and the one with which I have experience ;) ).


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