Very full day... (Yay!)

This is the kind of day I live for. Good day at work (continuing training), then the PyGTA meeting (SQLObject presentation might have been better if I'd been using it for months and months, but oh well), then out for drinks after PyGTA, then chatting out on the street with Seneca and Stephan afterward, then randomly bumping into Kat, Lara (back from Africa, yay!) and Shane on the street and chatting with them (and then Simon and Sacha as well) in the park across from Linux Caffe until just now. Along the way a good lead for another possible contract for the new, expanding company and a new (or returning, depending how it's counted) worker to help with that growth.

I even attempted to hold my tongue so that I wasn't always jumping over people (though I'm not so sure I succeeded even as often as I failed... I think I like talking...) It's great talking with people who care about the fate of society and are willing to work to shape that fate.


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