Rather intense day of training (Didn't intend it to be that long...)

Training our new (sub)contractor on the (VoIP) billing system today by working on the new invoice-printing code. I'd intended it to be a short day, 7 hours and lots of time to digest, but somehow we seemed to zone out for the last 3 hours or so and only came to when Seneca mentioned that it was closing time for the Caffe (at the 9 hour mark). That last 3 hours was basically the most productive part of the day, however, so maybe a good thing in some ways.

Still haven't put together my notes for tomorrow. I'd thought to take the 2 hours from 5pm to 7pm down at the Caffe to organise my thoughts... guess it will be a bit of a late night tonight. Which reminds me, we likely need to look at choosing a different night for PyGTA meetings, since we're getting conflicts with DemoCamp every once in a while.


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