Josh, got your messages (No mail-server access here...)

Probably the easiest approach is to just give you (Josh) developer access to the PyOpenGL project for development work. (Josh is doing the Mac OS-X porting work).

I've added the missing arrayhelpers module to the project that Josh pointed out. Modifications to the error module from this weekend were intended to address the problems on OS-X where an invalid context was causing problems. On Linux there's no bus errors when calling without a valid context.

Josh also reports bus errors when there's no valid context and one calls glGetString, but I'm wary of introducing too many checks for valid contexts into the system (performance concerns). That said, glGetString is called infrequently enough that it could readily be written to check explicitly for valid context.

As far as timelines, I'm hoping to get a user/new-hacker-friendly alpha out within the next week. I expect it will take 1-2 months to get the alpha into a releasable shape. I consider PyOpenGL 2.0 level functionality to be a basic requirement, I also want to have decent support for the major extensions and OpenGL 2.0 features.


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