Slipping quickly toward PyCon (Doesn't seem real yet...)

Weird to realise I'm leaving for PyCon on Thursday morning. So many things to get done before then, but somehow the idea that I'm leaving for 10 days just doesn't seem to be sparking the urgency it should. Oh well.

I'm beginning to think about what to do for the sprints. I'd love to have a group work on PyOpenGL, but I doubt there will be enough people interested in that. So I guess I'll have to find another group with whom to work. Maybe PyPy? Or the Twisted peoples (StarPy, TwistedSNMP)? Perfect would be an OLPC/Sugar group, but I doubt there will be one.

Anyway, tomorrow will be 100% work-related-work, so I need to get to sleep and be fresh for the day.


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