That's a bit distracting (Branch falls on our car)

For some reason Rose parked in our neighbour's driveway last night (they're refinishing the garage in November, but that's two days away). In the wind storm two big (dead) trees in the front yard next door shed major branches (30 or 40cm diameter). One of them went through the window of the house to which they belonged. The other dropped and bounced off the side of Rose's car.

It pretty badly dented the doors between the driver and left passenger's windows. Windows and doors still work, no damage I can see to the frame. Pretty amazing really, 1/2 a tree hits the car and it's basically just got some cosmetic damage. I moved the car around the corner so that it wouldn't be sitting under the other half of the tree.

The branch completely fills Sylvia's garden. I broke away some of the upper branches so she wouldn't be trapped in her house. Luckily other than the car and the window there really wasn't much damage. No one hurt, and the branches are basically just crushing the lawn and Sylvia's (very nice, but post-season) garden.

Anyway, back to work again.


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