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Simple caching DNS client for Linux (DNS delay on Sympatico is driving me nuts)

As I'm working over at Soni's I'm using her Sympatico DSL connection. It works reasonably fast when you're actually transferring a file, but DNS resolution takes 5 or 10 seconds. When every test makes 3 or 4 lookups you wind up with a very slow test suite.

What I'd really love is a system-level caching ...

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Really need to get a "too far" alert (Too easy to fix just one figure flaw too many...)

Sometime on Saturday (or was that Sunday) I fixed a minor problem. Just refactoring away, found a bit of code that shouldn't be there, refactored it, moved onto the next thing that needed refactoring. I was working on the UI code at the time (which doesn't have a useful set of unit tests) and kept ...

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