Never get too happy about the OS (It'll bite you...)

Okay, not really "bite" you, but you'll hit one of those moments where you have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch just to be sure that everything's going to work happily together. There's major updates to both glibc and gcc now marked stable on Gentoo. I'm going to do a rebuild world to make sure that all packages are properly linked with the new compiler and libc. That'll probably take about 6 days with all the packages on Raistlin.

The "new" PII-450 server (Tanis) is built now, it's just taking care of updates now. I'm planning on making it a mail server and maybe an LDAP server as well. I'll probably put a larger hard disk into it some day as well.

Hit a rather annoying snag with the Gentoo 2006.1 installer last night; it doesn't fit in 800x600 resolution :( . You can't see the buttons to click "ok", so you have to guess at it using keyboard shortcuts. I know, I know, get a real video card, but it's a found machine, didn't want to do a lot of work on it until I had some idea of it's stability. I wound up having to use the command-line version to get the install done on Tanis.


  1. jml

    jml on 09/02/2006 10:22 a.m. #

    Heh, I'm still running the Gentoo I installed three years ago, and it's survived even after accidently replacing critical system libraries like with ARM versions -- on an x86 system. It's so much easier to fix-it-yourself than other distros, although then again it's also a lot easier to screw things up, and gcc/glibc updates always need user intervention.

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