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Feb. 6, 2006 - Feb. 12, 2006

The Dancer's Way

I stare at potentials
Wondering which scuffed tile
Will give way beneath my foot
Whether to move at all
Or whether lack of motion
Will be my undoing
It should be easy this calculus
Simple tabulations and curves
Growth and expansion
Piled on Cartesian lines
Yet I hesitate before moving
Dreaming of hopping across
Not ...

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Publish Early, Publish Often (PDF export of early drafts...)

Okay, it's obviously way too early to be thinking about publishing drafts of the thesis rewrite, so let's do that. I'm planning to export the document after each day of writing, regardless of how messy the area I'm working on is (normally the last couple of pages). Purpose here is both ...

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Depth and Frustration (Or my day in rewrites...)

Spent the whole day on the section(s) on Depth and Familiarity. Eventually realised that there should be two sections. The one on Depth and Frustration introduces the ideas from Venturi and their (mis)application, then the one on Depth and Familiarity explaining the "class split" in design. Anyway, enough caveats, here's the first ...

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On Snowy Streets

On quiet snowy streets
A friend and I walk home
Trading the minor news of our lives
Since last we sat and talked

Leaving him I wonder
Why my life so seldom
Brings friends together
On snowy streets

Very long day with 0 billables (And way too much caffeine)

Management meeting, then a quick trip to the library, then a crash due to the unreasonably early hour I had to get up at for the meeting, then the UU meeting, then coffee/drinks after the meeting with Bryan and co. I'm now tense and jittery from the caffeine, but my eyes aren't ...

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Oh, while I'm thinking of it (IRC client for phones...)

Was thinking earlier that one of those "cool, but useless" projects might be to use StarPy and Festival to read live IRC feeds to a user. Twisted has all sorts of fun little protocols it can access, but IRC is just so magnificently geeky that it would obviously gather thousands of users in minutes.

Oh ...

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StarPy grows rudimentary hierarchic IVR menus (UI toolkit for voice?)

Okay, there's a new release of StarPy up. This adds menu support with the commonly desirable operations (e.g. options to go up a level, repeating the prompt a limited number of times if the user doesn't respond, that kind of thing). The same API also provides a basic enter-digits handler, though I ...

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