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Feb. 13, 2006 - Feb. 19, 2006

A Ruined Nap (But a very pleasant meal)

Tried to take a nap this afternoon, but the bleeping phone kept ringing. Apparently Rose decided it would be cute to wake me up by calling the house phone from her cell every 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I really needed the sleep.

Luckily, the reason she was wanting to wake me up is because Shiva and ...

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Getting OpenGL-ctypes to work with ctypes (Done, sorta, but I don't recall these weird array problems before...)

At one of those annoying moments in coding where you're not sure if something is a bug in your own code, or one of two different libraries. I've been getting a few problems ironed out with the ctypes release (a tool we were using was removed, but equivalent functionality is there).

The problem is ...

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SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 released (3 years after the last release...)

You know you've got to spend more time on your Open Source projects when you start measuring the period between releases in years.

Anyway, SimpleParse 2.1.0a1 is now out. The actual SimpleParse code is pretty much identical to the 2.0.1 release of way back when. The big difference is that this release includes a forked ...

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The Untapped Well in the Back Field

I can't share it with you
Because it all comes back
As heart-sticking recrimination
And randomly slung blame
That deepest strata of feelings
Below everything I ever was
Where heat and pressure
Applied over geologic time
Turns all to a black muck
Formless and half-forgotten
Clinging to whatever it touches
Burning whenever it feels the ...

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New StarPy release with channel-tracking example code (About 61 lines of code...)

There's a new StarPy release up. This fixes the reported data-file installation problem, adds a bit more documentation for a few functions, and fixes a shallow error in one of the sample applications. More interestingly, it also includes sample code for tracking total PRI usage, see the script in the examples directory and the ...

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StarPy to the rescue (Or, my day in auditing...)

I've spent much of the last two days working on an auditing and reporting mechanisms to let people know when we're getting close to PRI exhaustion. Following the advice of the back-end wizards, who don't see the necessity of having the tools, (the security/financial problems being lost on them) I've been cobbling together a CDR-analysis ...

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A Perfect Day (rev)

The first drops of a summer thunderstorm
Roll off my battered old trench coat
The doors and windows are open to the wind
Clearing the black smoke from the air
You've been playing with your toys again
Building robots from magnets in old TVs
The storm builds outside the empty windows
As your Frankenstein creation ...

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Strategic Feathers

Her plumage worked I'll admit
It's not that I could not look away
Or so I want to tell myself
I had to figure it out
Was it really that revealing
Just some strategic feathers
How could she wear that
In a Canadian winter

Sad People on the Train

Sad people on the train
I wish I could share my eyes
To show you how wonderful
How magnificent you are
Don't you see the potential
In each troubled heart
To reach for another
To reach for the stars
Your sad cattle faces
Are not worthy of your souls

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