Gentoo becomes painful under emulation (Just the building, really)

Gentoo seems fine when you run it on a modern piece of hardware. Even my rather old laptop does a reasonable job of churning through a build. But doing the build inside the emulated environment (VMWare) on the same laptop gets a bit painful.

I'm thinking maybe I'll switch to using the host machine to do the building and then install binary packages from a shared folder into the image. Unfortunately, during the sprint @ PyCon I wound up deleting all of my binary package cache in order to have some space on the laptop drive, so I have to rebuild everything regardless... it just should be a couple of times faster on the non-virtualised machine.

Anyway, the system rebuild for glibc is still underway. I'm getting failures when I try to compile gcc, incidentally. Weird, I've built the same version (4.1.1-r1) on both of the other machines without a problem.

[Update: Reconsidered the plan, rather than stop in the middle and try to develop a new methodology I'm going to finish the build. There's another 355 packages to build now, including xorg and gnome. That should finish by Tuesday morning (I'll have to stop the compile while I'm working tomorrow at the Caffe). After that it's just the sugar-specific stuff (maybe another couple of hours). Also realised that by wiping out the Win32 partition I get another 10GB of space to use for the images and their associated files. Hopefully didn't trash the partition table in the process].


  1. ?????

    ????? on 03/05/2007 9:07 p.m. #

    Time to upgrade to Macbook Core 2 Duo with parralels eh

  2. jmlai

    jmlai on 03/06/2007 4:15 a.m. #

    I run Gentoo on a VM on a desktop (the VM acting as a server), and it seems fine during emerges.

  3. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 03/06/2007 12:17 p.m. #

    Oh, it works fine (doesn't seem to crash or be unstable), but it's noticeably slower than the hardware, and this hardware is just at the edge of usable as-is. It's a rather ram-poor (512) little P4 laptop and it just manages to be reasonable with Gentoo. Gentoo-in-gentoo just seems to have stepped across the line into "slow country".

  4. John Drescher

    John Drescher on 03/26/2007 12:09 a.m. #

    I have experienced the same problem and it is a bit frustrating as I have relatively fast hardware and 2GB of memory and I am using vmware-tools but the performance while compiling is so slow it is unusable to me. It took over 3 hours to compile glibc-2.5 only to fail and I am using distcc with 5 other build boxes with the same hardware and distcc the compile would have taken less than 1/2 hour if I had not been under a VM. I know disk performance is a lot worse for a VM but this is ridiculous.<br />
    <br />

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