Finally done the base OS install (Egads that took forever...)

I've just finished defragmenting the installed OS in the VMWare image and I'm now cloning the image. Next up is booting into the new kernel and then actually building Sugar. Yay! I want to back up the image at this point because it's taken a full week to get built and it is basically just a stock Gentoo machine right now (i.e. useful for all sorts of other things).

I also need to see about what I can strip out of the image for distribution. It's currently got a whole Gnome desktop in there... makes it easier on developers I suppose, but it's a lot of overhead, both disk space (the image is 4.4GB at the moment) and run-time memory usage (Gnome's various components seem to occupy most of the 128MB I originally gave the image).

Anyway, I have paying work to get to today, so I'll just be kicking off the compile in a few minutes and then getting back to the real stuff.

[Update: transferred the completed image over to the workstation/server, a 2GHz AMD64 with 1GB of ram... quite a difference. Strangely, Gnome seems to use less ram on the workstation (where there is more) than on the laptop. Weird. Anyway, have the workstation compiling the non-standard (i.e. not part of a standard Gentoo install) Sugar dependencies now, it's up to number #14 of 23.]


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