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OLPC on CityTV (News at 6 and "international" news program on the all-news channel)

Amber Mac (formerly of G4 TechTV, now at CityTV) did a piece on the OLPC that aired this evening. Introduction by the anchor and a minute or two of interview. I'm told it will eventually show up on the web for viewing (hope so, as I managed to crash MythTV just as it was on).

No dual boot on this machine (First Gentoo-only machine (sort-of)...)

Around some paying work tonight I've been "working in" the new machine. That's included testing that various components are working, fixing minor configuration issues and the like; but the big event was playing with VMWare to create a Win32 image for doing the porting/testing work for various projects. I'm not finished yet, but it's a ...

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Linux Caffe has summer hours! (Meetings any day of the week...)

Dave of Linux Caffe has finally carried through on his threat to open until 11pm 6 days a week (all save Sunday). That means that we can gather at Linux Caffe and hack (while purchasing coffee) after work.

Of course, I actually work at Linux Caffe most days, so for me it just means I ...

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Back up (mostly) ($1200 and 18 working hours poorer)

I've got the server/workstation back up to limping shape. GRUB is corrupted in some weird way (doesn't show the menu, just a garble of text, but it chooses the first option in the list, so I actually get booted) and the HAL daemon hangs the whole machine if I let it run... other than that ...

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Stupid messages from a BIOS (Computer replacement doesn't go well...)

The main server gave up the ghost this morning. Refused to boot due to the boot drive partition table being borked. Since we've known we had to replace it for ages decided to spend the day doing that.

Spent 4 or 5 hours researching motherboards, GPUs, CPUs, power supplies, cases, etceteras. Decided to go for ...

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Now for the practical side (Setting up tools to do BitFrosted file-systems)

Amber Mac of CityTV came in and shot lots of footage of the laptop this afternoon. Spent the morning talking with a chap who wants the OLPC to roll out in Canada/US (first). This evening/late afternoon I've been continuing work to get my development environment sugar-jhbuilt (as well as updated via portage to latest stable ...

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Unioning File Systems for Fun and Profit (Mostly fun...)

One of the specs for the laptop that's mentioned in BitFrost is that we're planning on using a unioned (Copy-on-Write (COW)) file system (likely AUFS) to produce a number of security effects (e.g. the core system software is on a r/o plane, with any changes happening only in a r/w plane above that software (and ...

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Catching up on email (And OLPC stuff too...)

Quiet day today, when I haven't been sleeping I've been either plowing through the thousands of backed up emails or working on little bits and pieces for OLPC (e.g. following up on some contacts at U of T). I'm updating the laptop to the newest stable build. Probably also see about putting a few non-standard ...

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