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Getting the PyOpenGL manual updated (It's been ages...)

Spending the day on PyOpenGL today. First up was integrating various small fixes and changes from people. Since then have been trying to get the reference manual updated. It's a rather involved distutils script at the moment (integrated into PyOpenGL2).

I'm trying to remove some of that pointless complexity, the setup to get the distutils ...

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OLPC Toronto Meetup this Thursday (News, discussions and the like...)

We're planning on doing a meetup at 7pm this Thursday at Linux Caffe (corner of Grace and Harbord). This will be a general information meeting, not a sprint (we found that trying to hold a sprint with 10 people just didn't work well, whereas having one with 4 of us the next day to work ...

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Billing System Day Tomorrow (All day, all the way...)

We piled up a number of tickets while we were away (and while I was at the conference). I'm basically over my jet-lag and it's about time to sit down and really pound on the company stuff. We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening, but I want to get a full 8 hours ...

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Four most common questions (From a question at the talk yesterday...)

I mentioned the 4 most common questions I get about the laptop, here they are, simply pulled from my recollection, I haven't tried to count all the questions I receive these days:

1) What gives you the right/why aren't you feeding the children/why are you imposing western material culture on the children?
2) How can ...

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Librarians Rule (Organised, efficient and effective...)

Rochelle I mentioned yesterday as having been instrumental in introducing me to people who went out of their way to introduce me to people who could make decisions about institutional commitment. One of those people who went out of their way was Simone.

She took me on a dizzying trip through the various departments and ...

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First day of the conference goes very well (Despite being jet-lagged...)

I wound up having to drink about 6 coffees this morning at the conference just to keep from falling asleep. The trip from Albania took 14 hours yesterday, and I wound up waking up at 3am this morning.

Made a considerable number of great contacts, lots of people interested in helping. Probably the stand-out though ...

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Bit of Sightseeing on the Last Day (Amphitheatre in Durres)

Soni and her mom wanted to give me a treat today, so they took me up to Durres, which is about an hour's drive (bus ride) away. There's an amphitheatre you can climb all about. It's more of a "beach" destination, apparently, we didn't actually get out to the beach, but we went to a ...

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Talk went reasonably (This trip funded by Soni's dental surgery budget...)

Talk at the University of Tirana went reasonably well. I'll upload the presentation slides to the wiki ASAP, it's just a slightly more refined version of the talk at U of T, with more of a general introduction as people here generally haven't heard of the project.

Soni's dental work went less well. Very involved ...

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Global Warming isn't even on the radar here (And other little observations from Tirana...)

We've been in Tirana since Saturday afternoon. All in all it's about what I expected as an experience. Spent most of the time in "visits" with family. Really enjoyed having coffee with Soni's two doctor friends. Ilir's Physic's professor was nice too, though I'm afraid our discussions of how to address problems in the country ...

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Rome fills up cards fast... (3 hours per 500MB)

Hit the colloseum, Palantine's palace and the Fora this morning. Ran out of space on the camera even with rather sparing use once we hit Palantine's place. Another bug showed up on the billing system, will have to work on that this evening I suppose.

Right now we're recharging the camera and Soni's batteries, then ...

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