First day of the conference goes very well (Despite being jet-lagged...)

I wound up having to drink about 6 coffees this morning at the conference just to keep from falling asleep. The trip from Albania took 14 hours yesterday, and I wound up waking up at 3am this morning.

Made a considerable number of great contacts, lots of people interested in helping. Probably the stand-out though is Rochelle, she went way out of her way in introducing me to people and infecting them with enthusiasm before I even showed up. She's involved in the instructional technology part of the U of T library system.

I want to rewrite the whole presentation at this point, but that's not going to happen. I'll probably just rework the introduction somewhat dramatically to fit the conference theme and feedback from various people.

There are around 350 people at the conference, basically everyone involved with IT at the University of Toronto, whether as administrator, educator or technician. It's a beautiful opportunity to try to get institutional support for making OLPC a focus university wide. I'm getting very excited!

U of T, by the way, is a large school. It's already decided to use Python as the primary teaching language for computer science. Its got a very well respected educational faculty (OISE)... it's basically got all sorts of things going for it in terms of providing high-quality contributions to the project.


  1. Bryan Berry

    Bryan Berry on 05/16/2007 2:11 a.m. #

    Great work Mike! Keep it up.<br />
    <br />
    dude, OLPC Nepal would love to form some kind of partnership w/ U of T, esp. w/ the OISE. And of course, we are always looking for interns, both student and experienced professionals.<br />
    <br />
    I haven't posted my real e-mail address but you should have it already

  2. jason Nolan

    jason Nolan on 06/04/2007 7:27 p.m. #

    Well, you're 100% on Rochelle there

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