CSound is a bit of a pain to build (Actually, a lot of a pain...)

Been trying to get csound built on my workstation since midnight or so. So far I've got the ebuild to the point of compiling everything, but I can't get it to properly install the _csnd library. The install.py file seems to assume the wrong file-name for the .so file, but I can't seem to get the file to build with the correct name in such a way that the resulting module is actually loadable (it's either got the wrong init function name or is trying to link to a non-existent libcsnd.so).

Anyway, I can't keep going on this all night; I started off exhausted from a full day of provisioning-system work and this is not turning out to be refreshing and fun play with audio generation (as I'd hoped).

[Update] Okay, with another 1.5 hours of hacking I finally just gave up on the CSound installer code and manually copied the files into their correct spots. Now need to duplicate that on my (big) laptop... then need to start actually playing with it.

[Update Further] Another 3 hours of hacking and we have the code built and limping on my laptop. We can produce .wav files that are correct, but we don't yet have a working real-time audio output channel on this laptop. We can play a few files, but most are failing due to buffer under-run issues. Haven't even begun trying to get the real-time generation of music working yet.


  1. Matthias

    Matthias on 08/22/2007 2:58 p.m. #

    I can remember having worked on a Csound ebuild some time ago (version 5.01) which worked well though I never proceded on the build options in the installation. I'd appreciate getting more information from you to get this thing into gentoo finally.<br />
    <br />
    Regards,<br />

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