Don't forget to check a new firewall before you leave the house (Oops...)

As part of reconfiguring the network yesterday I swapped out the (ancient) router/firewall we've been using as our external firewall and replaced it with the Linksys WRTG (L) we've been using as a wireless-only bridge. (The old router/firewall will go with Rose).

That meant a new internal network configuration, new "virtual server" mappings for the main ssh gateway box (the workstation) and all sorts of other reconfigurations. We spent quite a few minutes yesterday re-configuring applications on the various laptops to work with the new configuration.

But I forgot to test the most important configuration, that virtual-server mapping for the ssh server. And it turns out it's not working today. Sigh. So no email.

Reminds me, need to figure out how to make a host on the internal network "lock" to a given IP address (so that the virtual server mapping remains correct). Old router let you enter a MAC address and assign an IP, haven't found that setting on the Linksys yet.

On the plus side, not having email means I have nothing to distract me from going through tickets and working on them... other than reading news and blogging, that is...


  1. Foone

    Foone on 07/21/2007 3:13 p.m. #

    Yeah, I've done that more than once. Test everything, firewall works, email works, looks good. Then you go back home and try to SSH and and ... nothing. <br />
    I've had it happen when no one there knew enough to fix it, had to wait two weeks before I could access my server :(

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 07/21/2007 4:19 p.m. #

    Had something similar on the trip to Albania. Moderately frustrating. This time, it turned out, the Linksys had automatically re-assigned the server a different IP address (why, I can't imagine). Anyway, solution is just to manually assign the IP for the server (on the server) instead of using DHCP, annoying if I ever move the server (for a lan party or whatever), but oh well, it works.<br />
    <br />
    Glad I didn't have to talk my sister through the process...

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