Is fglrx dead for Ubuntu-current

So the AMD Proprietary driver (fglrx) for Linux supports "Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04" (Note: not the current Ubuntu 13.10), and so far every attempt I've made to use them on 13.10 has supported the "not supported" hypothesis (kernel module compilation failures in the latest iteration).  But drat-it-all my machine meets the declared software requirements (kernel, xorg, etc), and it would make testing PyOpenGL releases so much easier if I could use the laptop for testing.

So does anyone in-the-know know if there is some grand plan in the works? They seem to still release drivers pretty regularly, are they just targeting Ubuntu-LTS-only and the 13.04 support is just a fluke?

I can't actually get the radeon drivers to run on this laptop either, so for now I guess I'm Intel-only (meh). I'll  have to use the desktop for testing anything the intel driver can't handle.


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