How many laptops do we have in the kid's hands? (Estimate in the interview probably too high...)

Was asked in the interview how many laptops we have in children's hands. IIRC we should have already shipped the latest trial laptops, which were supposed to be something like a few thousand. There had to have been a considerable number in the first trial schools (~800 or so (100/school or so))... which is something like 3000 I guess.

It still seems high. I may have pulled out a number that was the total number of laptops at some point, rather than the number of laptops that children have. Should have thought about it more carefully before answering and realised it was likely an unrelated number.

Other than that the interview seemed to go well. Audience target was beginner-level, so totally a "mom effect" for getting developers interested. The Vex Meet afterwards was more of the direct target audience.

Anyway, will have to look into number-of-laptops tomorrow during a break from customer work. For now I'm needing to get to sleep.

[Update] Number appears to have been way off, it doesn't *look* (from the news files and the like) like we've shipped the new trial machines out, so we've likely got only a thousand or so in the trial kids' hands.


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