Yay! VirtualBox with sound and networking! (No TamTam though...)

Latest build as of 2007. works under VirtualBox with both sound (as seen in EToys) and Networking. This is seen on an AMD64 box with alsa sound driver. TamTam's sound (CSound) is producing clicking sounds as soon as you open the application, but that seems to be common issue at this point.

Networking works in VMWare, but it looks like they use a different sound driver? ES1371 from Ensoniq, instead of the intel8x0 one in VirtualBox. Bah, how did I miss that. Have to annoy the kernel peoples again. I suppose.

Images require you to specify your school server, edit ~/.sugar/default/config and set server to olpc.collabora.co.uk. I've got a quick and dirty script that produces vmware/virtualbox disks from the latest images. Probably should have that run on a machine with some bandwidth and allow people to download the results.

Would also be nice to figure out how to make the conversions not fill out the whole disk-space (i.e. creating 900MB files). VMWare one is only 600MB, but it shouldn't be more than about 200MB IIUC.

Qemu networking seems to work, but only if I manually restart the /etc/init.d/network service. Qemu sound doesn't seem to even show up as a pci device, so not working there yet.


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