Short presentation this evening (Must remember to ask for managers...)

Did an Ignite presentation down at the DemoCamp tonight (held at the Board of Trade offices). Ignite presentations are done as 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds, with no control for the presenter. Seemed to go reasonably well, I'm not really happy with my timing or delivery, but I didn't have that much time to work on polishing it. Talked with a large number of people afterwards.

As I was heading home realised that I should have asked for managers among the people we need. We need some project manager types to sit on various tasks (e.g. emulation) and crack the whip so that the tasks get done. We also really need documentation writers. People who can just sit down and document the APIs and processes now that they are getting stabilized.

Was invited down to the MaRS building tomorrow to talk with a gentleman who's involved in their funding and entrepreneurial projects, I gather they have been discussing involving themselves in the project in some way. He also wants me to demo the machine at two events where people likely to make decisions about policy are going to be gathering.

Invitation to present the machine at the KMDI group (if I understood correctly) as well. They are the cross-disciplinary group that I was considering joining if I hadn't wound up working on the laptop (and continuing the business as a result).

The slides are online for those who are interested. It's a pretty big download (9MB), because it has far more screen-shots and the like than the older presentations.

We need to get an email address set up where people at 1CC can receive people's "resumes" as it were, or rather, emails where they describe their interest and capabilities and someone who has a rolodex of who's involved in what projects directs them to the right place to start helping out... that would be one of those project manager types we need I suppose...


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