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Greater Toronto Airport Authority (Turns back 20 people or so this afternoon...)

Three of our house guests (a father, young daughter, and pregnant mother) were to have headed home this afternoon. They wound late due to various delays getting out and navigating Friday rush-hour traffic and got to the airport just over an hour before their flight.

Obviously that's a bit late. It often takes 20 or ...

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Off to the Thousand Islands (Out of touch...)

We're going to visit some of our oldest family friends today, way out on Wolfe Island (near Kingston, Ontario). We're told the islands are gorgeous. Probably no time for a boat tour, but at least we should be able to see some trees (Ilir loves trees).

I'm thinking we should also try to get to ...

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That's usable? (I'm not impressed...)

Building a machine on the side out of the broken laptop for my brother in law, decided to go with Kubuntu (which Soni uses on her laptop) instead of Gentoo, as he doesn't have a connection to the internet, and doesn't have any interest in learning how to administer linux boxes (also, not sure the ...

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Poor day of work (Distractions...)

Only got a few small blocks of maybe an hour in today, rest of the day was spent in little tasks that were so small I often didn't get around to recording them in the time-tracking file. Just so many simultaneous projects going on. On top of that, yesterday's all-day meeting seems to have left ...

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What project managers do we need? (Two suggestions...)

I was asked in email to elaborate on the need for project managers, so I'll write up my thoughts here...

We need people to "own" various cross-cut topics. That is, to monitor the project, advocate for needs, and remind people of those needs during meetings (those are mostly online), in the mailing lists, etc.

In ...

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Generous offer of support (How best to further the project...)

Met with representatives of a group at the U of T this afternoon (they are a group set up primarily to promote commercialization of (medical) technologies, but they have a new mandate surrounding promotion of "social good" and the "triple bottom line" (environmental, social, fiscal), and it was that group that invited me in). Peter ...

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Short presentation this evening (Must remember to ask for managers...)

Did an Ignite presentation down at the DemoCamp tonight (held at the Board of Trade offices). Ignite presentations are done as 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds, with no control for the presenter. Seemed to go reasonably well, I'm not really happy with my timing or delivery, but I didn't have that much time to ...

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Sigh (Has the sky fallen yet?)

There's a story up on CNN about an apparent price increase (have to update my slides for tomorrow I suppose), which says we're up to $186 (US) dollars for the price. (As noted in the article) most of that does appear to be fluctuations in the US dollar. In the last 120 days the (US) ...

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Missed a ticket on a long thread (Introduction to Bitfrost-limited application development...)

Ivan punted a todo at me in a long thread on devel almost a month ago, but it got auto-sorted into a folder and I only got around to reading the thread today. Basically he's thinking we need a document describing how to work within Bitfrost as a short version of the spec, an application ...

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Agenda for Accessibility (This doesn't reflect the views of anyone else...)

Spent the whole day at the conference today. Met Liddie, who apparently works in the original school in Cambodia (and on the Spark project, and on other interesting things). Lots of other contacts, but on to the nitty-gritty stuff, an Agenda for Accessibility. I should note here this is *not* the consensus view, and has ...

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