Long Weekends, Long Walks (A few days off...)

This was the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Canada. Had the family over on Sunday (yay!), worked on Saturday, but today was just for relaxing. Went through my OpenGL folder (well, the last 100 or so messages) and fixed a couple of small bugs. I want to release a 3.0.0b1 this week, so if you have a patch now is the time to let me know.

Soni and I went for a long walk down through the cemetery and then out through a ravine to a marsh, then on to the Don Valley. In the ravine you could completely forget the major metropolitan area you were walking through, and the air was pulsing with life.

Unfortunately, when we got to the Don we couldn't see any way to actually get down to the paths and the like that run alongside it, so we wound up walking up Bayview (a major road), which sort of broke the "hushed, quiet nature" vibe of the walk . We got off as soon as we could and wandered back up through the residential area.

We twice rediscovered an old bridge we'd walked over a year ago. The first time was as we walked under it in the ravine. We looked up and remarked on how we'd stood on top of it talking, and promptly forgot about it as we moved on. As we wandered back through the residential area, the sidewalk just took off up a ramp... and there was the bridge again. Very nostalgic walking back across it.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to get back to work. I have quite a bit of correspondence piling up and there's work that needs to be done ASAP for at least 2 clients. So saying, it's about time I head off to bed.


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