That was really fun! (Long and deep conversations with the students and faculty...)

Okay, so I admit it, I'm a bit of a philosophy enthusiast. My degree is in design epistomology. I love discussing ideas, and particularly ones surrounding design and intentionality. So tonight was just golden. The OCAD students and faculty were easily the most sceptical group I've yet had the pleasure of meeting. They asked all the tough questions, they poked into the philosophical corners, and generally made it a wonderful conversation. That wonderful conversational question "can any act by those in a position of power be a 'good' idea" just kept coming up again and again.

I'm going to go back for the conference after-party on Saturday night, and hopefully the conversation will be similarly stimulating. But I'm going to have to skip both the second half of FSOSS and Juice tomorrow and get some work-work done.

First day of FSOSS was fun too. Spent much of the day chatting with Matt from the Software Freedom Law Centre, along with people who were interested in the laptop. Two developers, Tari and Daniel, also spent quite a while discussing how to get involved in the project (yay).

Interestingly, I wound up leaving far earlier than I needed to. I'd thought it would take hours in rush-hour traffic to get downtown. It took only one, so I had some time to relax. Headed to the MaRS centre to buy a coffee and use their guest wifi... and found a developer, just wandering by with his wife and child, on their way home from a conference she'd just attended. He's studying at UofT, likely only becoming available once he finishes the thesis.


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