Only 24 hours to go (Lots and lots to get done...)

I leave tomorrow afternoon for Taipei (need to hit the airport around 3pm tomorrow, so need to leave here around 2pm). Finishing up the talk now, pausing to let it settle before reviewing and re-cutting... may try to cut 7 more slides. It's strange how a topic that was a 5 minute presentation a month ago was a 2 hour presentation on Friday. Almost the same number of slides, just a lot more discussion on each topic. It'll be 30 minutes this Friday :) .

Still need to pack, collect all the various electronics I'll be carrying (camera, battery charger, laptops, VoIP headphones). Need to pick up a USB key too (we lost the last one we had) so I can do updates. Have half a dozen tasks that need to be completed for other clients too.

Which is all to say, I'm buzzing with excitement, looks like there will be at least three OLPC-ers at the conference and another at the Open Source user's group the day after. Meeting the Asus people and discussing their Open Source plans will be great too. Very happy about that.


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