What to do for 24 hours (Rubbing hands in manic glee... free time (sort-of))

Have half a dozen different projects that all need my time. Going to have 24 hours to work on them as I get over to Taipei. I'm thinking maybe spend the bulk of the time on a few spike tests for Productive. Control systems, that kind of thing, so we're not going into the Game Sprint blind as to what actually works. Don't want to touch the actual game development, but I want to see if the tablet-mode controls I'm thinking of are actually usable as control systems.

Have work for various clients along with me as well, though without a fast server/workstation most of that doesn't progress very well. Still, a few planning jobs for new projects that could use the time. At some point I need to hire another contractor to work on the accounting, provisioning and similar projects too.


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