Packing to Go (Other miscellany...)

Just about ready to go. I've only got the one bag to pack. I spent yesterday on two temples, the Guandu and Dalongdong Boan temples. The first is a very modern structure, in most areas the "temple" architecture is just an appliqué across a concrete frame. Still, it was peaceful sitting in the gardens and looking across the river to the mountains.

The Boan temple is the one I thought was the Confucian temple. I also visited the Confucian temple, but it's basically walled off by construction crews who are restoring it. I actually went through to the back area of the Boan temple (it had looked like a service area because of the lighting and I didn't want to intrude the first night), and got a lot better shots. Ping tells me that most of the old architecture was destroyed when the Chinese invaded a given area, so that to see very old architecture I'd need to go to Japan.

Tried to drop in on Yap while I was out there, but phone glitches prevented my actually getting the invitation through. I wound up coming to the hotel by 6 and falling asleep by 9pm.

Three flights today, a 2.5 hour one to Seoul, 10 hour to Vancouver and then a 5 hour to Toronto. Tomorrow (Saturday Toronto time) I'm getting my cousin moved, Sunday my parents are coming up for a visit (yay!), then off into the regular work-week with the Game Jam next weekend.

[Update] At the Taiwan airport, checked in and sitting in the departure area... only person here, which is a little weird, flight leaves in less than 2 hours. They had trouble issuing my boarding pass because the Air Canada ticket didn't get used on the way over (it was actually EVA that flew the plane, Air Canada just "branded" the flight). Worked on documenting the PyGame wrapper a little while I was waiting for the check-in counter to open. Probably do a bit more of that after I (obsessively) check email (nope, no Soni-mail).


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