Making TicTacToe actually TicTacToe (Not a test suite...)

Sat down intending to do a spike test for a networked model that fed into (and was fed by) a GUI across multiple clients. Instead I spent the first half of the evening making a (single-person) TicTacToe game. The current TicTacToe activity in olpcgames doesn't actually do TicTacToe, so needed to get it to the point where it could be shared before sharing it.

Anyway, got a simple model and GUI put together. Including the test suite for the model it's just 260 lines of code. It does simple sprite-based graphics, displays the current user, does current-square highlighting, shows what run won the game, prevents post-win selections, allows you to reset the game, and generally lets you play TicTacToe against yourself. (ooh, aah)

Rest of the day is spoken for by other clients (I'm trying to get back to a normal-ish schedule, which means today is going to be very short). I'll have to sit down and do the network test tomorrow. Also need to figure out how to handle the code repository for the sprint on the weekend. Should see if it's possible to get sugar-jhbuild installed on the thin clients at Linux Caffe so that people can develop on those easily. The laptop here is getting upgraded to Gutsy (Kubuntu), hopefully it will still work after that's finished :) .

Now, off to the wonderful world of dead database connections.


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