Game Jam Launches (Off to the RTS...)

First evening of the Game Jam is coming to a close. We've chosen a game from the 3 final contenders:

* Collaborative Platformer, one draws, one runs (various mechanics proposed wrt how the drawing occurs, how scoring occurs etc.)
* Productive, simplified Real Time Strategy (on the wiki already)
* Collaboration, collaborative drawing/racing game (Ryan will put this up on the wiki at some point, it seems like it would be very interesting)

We've begun planning, implementation and spike tests for Productive and will gather again tomorrow morning to work. We've got 8 people, with a good mix of programming levels, skill-sets and the like. So far it's been very fun :) .

For those interested, the other games proposed were as follows, first the already-known games where we decided porting an existing implementation would be better than spending the Game Jam on them:

* Tower Defense
* Multiplayer Lemmings
* Go

Then there was a very nice proposal that seems like it could be written by the TamTam folks in a few minutes, so we'll leave it to them:

* Call and Answer, rhythm game, I record a beat sequence, you match the sequence. Score is based on the difficulty level (auto-calculated) and the accuracy of your partner in matching the sequence. DDR but with collaboration and creativity to produce the "songs".


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