Still in Pieces (But cool pieces...)

We now have a low-level renderer that loads the artwork and renders the simulation results for territories and tiles when the simulation is running directly in the process. Basically, in an incredibly round-about way, you can see the grass grow, and you can see the crops disappear as the workers harvest them, but that's all that's showing up right now (the remainder of the things to render are all the same basic mechanism, I'm just a bit tired right now).

There are still some holes in the simulation code (particularly the path-finding algorithm is way too slow and doesn't take the "strong" unit's ability to "jump over" barriers of a given size into account, and we haven't actually hooked up the timers over there to test those (though the timers themselves have been tested loosely)).

Probably another 6 hours required on the graphics and UI to get a playable game. Another 4 or 5 hours to get the simulation stuff finished.

Networking is the big issue. Apparently Andrew has just been hitting his head on the multiple-main-loop issue and not getting any forward motion. If necessary we may need to switch to another networking framework, or maybe some pair programming will help, we're remote now, so it's not going to be looking-over-shoulder pairing, but it may work.

With all that said... wow, I'm extremely happy about the weekend. The team worked amazingly well, and the result is looking like it will be a good looking game. For right now, though, I'm going to have to admit "defeat", we shall not get a playable RTS out this weekend, but I'm pretty sure we can get one out in the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Super thanks to David and Seneca at Linux Caffe by the way, they took care of everything for us and looked after us like gold, despite our taking up half of their seating for the whole weekend.


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