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Python DBUS Needs a Mainloop Function (Eliminating the OLPCGames wrapper-hack)

At some point we should see if we can convince the Python DBUS peoples to expose a method which lets one write a mainloop in Python. That would let Pygame scripts use the DBUS (and thus Telepathy) module natively, rather than having to integrate multiple mainloops in every application.

Yes, yes, I know threading works, ...

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Resource Managers are Good for Games (We'll be releasing ours, of course...)

Games which are animation and graphics heavy, and which want to allow for heavy customisation and reuse, normally need to be able to manage collections of images which are not known at design time. You want something that lets you specify an abstract identifier and get back an appropriate version of the image for your ...

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Screenshot of Octy's Takeover (Crude renderer testing the simulation...)

Screenshot of Productive Rendering and Simulation TestWas a bit fried today, so wound up spending the bulk of it in little errands and relaxing. The weekend was fun, and I've been smiling all day about it. That said, didn't actually get much new done on the game. I did get the licensing issues sorted out.

One note to people running Jams/Sprints: ...

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