Need some time to work on work too (Inversion of ratio...)

Since the trip to Taiwan I've been working full-time-plus on OLPC stuff. Originally the plan was that I was to spend 1 day/week on it, with the other 4 days available for my other clients... but OLPC really needs someone working full-time on making things easier for developers. Getting OLPCGames whipped into shape, making sample code for simple games, getting LiveCDs put together, getting emulation whipped into shape, building an SDK, recruiting developers, and corresponding with everyone, all takes a lot of time.

Still the other clients need work done. So I'm going to try marking 1 day a week (Wednesday) as my non-OLPC day. I'm going to go down to Linux Caffe to work on that day, so that it's an obviously different environment and I'm not just falling into OLPC tasks. Hopefully that will mean that I can get enough work done week-to-week to get the other clients through until I find a better solution for them.


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