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April 30, 2007 - May 6, 2007

Rome fills up cards fast... (3 hours per 500MB)

Hit the colloseum, Palantine's palace and the Fora this morning. Ran out of space on the camera even with rather sparing use once we hit Palantine's place. Another bug showed up on the billing system, will have to work on that this evening I suppose.

Right now we're recharging the camera and Soni's batteries, then ...

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Abandoned building in a park (Machiavelli's palace???)

Highlight of yesterday's wandering was actually a wrong turn. We were wanting to get to the Pitti gardens (and then the Pitti palace, and then...) but missed the little side-gate that is the entrance to Pitti and went through the "main" gate. There was this grand building at the back of the park, and another ...

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Days in the Italian Countryside (In Florence now...)

Milan CathedralArrived in Florence yesterday. Spent the first four days of the trip with Soni's brother, sister-in-law and niece (my niece pretty soon (I'm Jagi Maku :) ). Great people, very fun and relaxed. There are 355 pictures just of them (mostly our niece).

Running into the limits of the camera rather frequently, mostly zoom-related (can't ...

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