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May 7, 2007 - May 13, 2007

Bit of Sightseeing on the Last Day (Amphitheatre in Durres)

Soni and her mom wanted to give me a treat today, so they took me up to Durres, which is about an hour's drive (bus ride) away. There's an amphitheatre you can climb all about. It's more of a "beach" destination, apparently, we didn't actually get out to the beach, but we went to a ...

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Talk went reasonably (This trip funded by Soni's dental surgery budget...)

Talk at the University of Tirana went reasonably well. I'll upload the presentation slides to the wiki ASAP, it's just a slightly more refined version of the talk at U of T, with more of a general introduction as people here generally haven't heard of the project.

Soni's dental work went less well. Very involved ...

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Global Warming isn't even on the radar here (And other little observations from Tirana...)

We've been in Tirana since Saturday afternoon. All in all it's about what I expected as an experience. Spent most of the time in "visits" with family. Really enjoyed having coffee with Soni's two doctor friends. Ilir's Physic's professor was nice too, though I'm afraid our discussions of how to address problems in the country ...

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