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July 23, 2007 - July 29, 2007

Getting the apartment set up (Internet is up (limpingly))

We're almost done moving. Soni, Georgia and Rose are off taking the last small load of items up to Rose's place. I've just finished getting the server/workstation set up. We're going to try to use the VoIP router as the front-end router for the network. So far it's not going well, it's showing the same ...

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Half finished, next half up tomorrow morning (Relocating to our own place)

Rosey is gone, nice new place up the road of her own. Just about to start packing the car with our stuff to move to our place. Have to tear down the furniture and the like still. Dad will be by with the trailer tomorrow morning. Finally got our Bell bill today so we can ...

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Use sys.settrace to animate Python code? (Evil ideas that cross one's mind...)

To make a GUI/text IDE work similarly to the Logo-style animated execution you'd need to make the Python code work more slowly than normal. You could probably hook up a sys.settrace that stops when you finish a given operation and waits on a message from the GUI that it's drawn the results (and waited for ...

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I want the perfect IDE for kids (Or do I?)

A couple of things over the last couple of days have focused my mind on the question of IDEs.

The first is moving to Eric4 from Eric3. The change isn't really all that much, in fact, in the pieces I use there is no particular advantage to the new version (other than that it builds ...

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