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July 30, 2007 - Aug. 5, 2007

Doesn't matter who you are (If you look "different" the close-minded will attack you...)

Had a surreal experience this afternoon. Soni and Rose were late meeting me at Rose's new place to help them move the furniture (a cat Rose is house-sitting for was sick). So, I sat out on the wall outside, drinking in the sky (it was gorgeous and hot), thinking about IDEs and how to make ...

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Involuntary upgrade (Eric3 install hosed on the work laptop...)

Came into the caffe intending to "install" the little laptop and then get a few hours of billable work in so that I can pay the rent and buy some cookies. Instead it turns out that I mistakenly allowed Gentoo to upgrade the qt/PyQt version on this laptop when doing a system update.

I could ...

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Talked myself hoarse last night (4 or 5 interested people...)

Amber and co threw a big party last night down at No Regrets, crowd of about 50 techies and television peoples. Spent the whole time demoing and discussing the project (. Given how noisy it was I wound up with a pretty raspy voice by the end of it.

A few interested developers, including one ...

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Need to get developer's images back up and running (Shouldn't have ceded the project so soon...)

Afraid I let the ball drop on this one. What with Red Hat producing developer-focused LiveCD's, and Toquito planning to produce them, I considered the question of a 5-minutes-to-a-development environment issue to have been solved.

But it seems we haven't had an updated developer's LiveCD in about 4 months... and the LiveCD wasn't great as ...

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Bugs and refactoring all day (Yawn...)

Spent the day on customer work. Stupid little set of bugs cropped up in some seldom-used code. Sigh. Test coverage could be better. Spent a few hours on further refactoring as well, including adding lots of tests. Kind of stalled on one test where the test fails, but the code works perfectly well on the ...

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Getting started on Hare (TurtleGraphics2) (A few little spike tests...)

Today I started work on making an IDE and/or rewriting Turtle graphics. I started with a few spike tests. The first was to see how to go about using the rsvg library to render SVG graphics. So far I'm disappointed (or, rather my disappointment is renewed), it does seem you can't get at the DOM ...

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