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Oct. 8, 2007 - Oct. 14, 2007

RSS as a fundamental educational primitive (Learning from the University of Toroto)

U of T has an interesting technology. Rochelle spearheaded the development of what is basically a "blog based" engine for collaboration, discussion and the like. Every student, professor and TA has a personal blog and are automatically and/or manually enrolled in "groups" such as their faculty, their individual classes, projects, administrative groups and the like. ...

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Shopping Lists for Researchers (Relevance is a huge motivator...)

Imagine we had a whole (large) university's worth of Undergrad, Masters and PhD candidates in everything from Computer Science, Engineering, Education, History and Medicine, Art and Design (and hundreds more). Imagine that we could ask them to look into research topics in order to solve X, Y, or Z problem, combining resources from multiple departments, ...

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Long Weekends, Long Walks (A few days off...)

This was the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Canada. Had the family over on Sunday (yay!), worked on Saturday, but today was just for relaxing. Went through my OpenGL folder (well, the last 100 or so messages) and fixed a couple of small bugs. I want to release a 3.0.0b1 this week, so if you have ...

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