Procrastination is Bad

The deadline for PyCon proposals is fast approaching.  Here's my current thinking for proposals:

  • Graphics Workshop, sub-track (in open-space likely), informal presentations and workshops from the various graphics/game environments, maybe a few demonstrations and panels, hang out with gurus, write new games, produce new visualizations, polish old ones; keep the whole thing informal, maybe have a few game-writing competitions, maybe try to finish/polish a few games
  • Introduction to OpenGL 3.0, presentation introducing the major concepts in OpenGL 3.0 and the changes it introduces wrt shaders and the like
  • You got Python in My XML, better version of the PyGTA presentation, introduction to use of ElementTree for beginner/intermediate Pythonistas
  • Metaprogramming, metaclasses, descriptors, decorators, etceteras... presentation or informal tutorial discussing how to write your own decorators (as well as when to do so and when not to).. I'm hesitant on this one, as it's tired ground by now...
  • Consulting with Python, panel discussion of tips and tricks working consultants have picked up on how to make a living doing Python-focussed consulting
  • OpenGLContext Architecture, discussion of how OpenGLContext works, which is rather an involved and complex pattern that allows reasonable scenegraph performance from an almost pure-python implementation, rigorous observer pattern driving an automatic caching system on top of a generic node-graph structure.
  • StarPy Programming, Introduction to programming under Asterisk using StarPy Asterisk Protocols; basics of how to get Asterisk to place, track and respond to calls within a Twisted application.

I'm thinking I probably won't propose a formal tutorial.  I'd really like to do something that is more of a "long form" experience, so people can sit, chat, swap ideas and debate approaches.  I might do a formal presentation just to try to provide some "entertainment value" and share ideas with the wider conference.

Anyway, tonight I need to sleep.


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