C++ and Accounting (Not as exciting as you might think...)

Spent the whole day on C++ memory-leak hunting. C++ really is a tool that no-one should use without some mechanism to take away the memory management. Without automated handling it's just way too easy to lose track of a reference and wind up with a couple of hundred KB lost.

Got some book-keeping stuff taken care of. Started setting up a VM so that the book-keeper can run GNUCash on her machine. It seems there's a port to Windows, but it looks pretty dodgy.

Started looking at FiveDash. Will need to get apache set up on my workstation/server to get it working. That will need to wait for another night (this contract just wipes me out, by the time I get home I'm ready to sleep until the next day, I just can't think at all until I sleep for a few hours).


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