Bit more maintenance work on OpenGLContext

Doing a bit of bit-rot fighting in OpenGLContext this evening.  Got the visual shell running again, so that you can load up a world in one window and type commands into another to modify the running world.  Mostly was just updating to use wx 2.8 and the new loader structure.

Also took the time to begin reading up on the OBJ format.  It's large-ish, nothing that doesn't seem to already be covered by OpenGLContext's subset of VRML (with the nurbs extensions), but way more work than I want to undertake without having some geometry to exercise the features.

Blender is built on this machine.  Wings is failing to build due to erlang-sdl failing to build.  I've always wound up put off by the need to memorize dozens of key-bindings to do even the simplest thing in Blender, but I suppose I should just go ahead and do it one of these days.


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