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March 10, 2008 - March 16, 2008

Galcon Is Fun (Advertising the crack cocaine of games...)

Needed to unwind last night. Went to the Galcon tournament. We (well, I) had a lot of trouble with the networking setup, but it was extremely fun when it worked. I wound up with network timeouts on quite a few games, I'd have to exit, restart and jump back in, finding nothing left of my ...

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Booth Work (Long day's chatting into night...)

Spent the whole day in the OLPC booth today, didn't wind up seeing any talks at all (including the keynotes, though luckily that meant that I didn't wind up with a blood-pressure issue over the whole Py3K mess :) ).

After that needed some decompression. Had a pleasant dinner with Tony and Val. Took a ...

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Tutorial Is Finished (In the sense of presented, it probably needs love from you the reader...)

The tutorial went reasonably well, but had a rather hard time with the lack of networking (writing networked code sans network isn't very practical). We ran out of time due to the delays on getting everyone set up, so we didn't get to talk about Telepathy or what goes on in the packaging process much. ...

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Need Patch and Pygame for Tutorial (Xubuntu LiveCD doesn't have them...)

Will need to have users do an "apt-get install pygame patch" to be able to run on a LiveCD. Similarly on an XO you'll need to su and then "yum install patch". Got Productive's packing script updated so that you can play on an XO from a download.

OLPC meetup was exactly what I needed ...

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Centre of Attention Moving (PyCon in the focus...)

Have been doing a lot of PyCon preparations lately (mostly on the tutorial), working around the paying stuff. But some time this morning I switched to "PyCon Mode", with the work at home falling into secondary position. Got the Airline ticket printed, got the hotel information updated for my roomie, copied out the Hotel information ...

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