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June 9, 2008 - June 15, 2008

OpenGLContext Updated to wxPython 2.8 (finally)

Finally got around to fixing my wxPython install on my workstation. Turns out you need to do an "eselect wxwidgets" operation to get the wxPython links to set up properly. With that done, updated the OpenGLContext wxPython context so that it works with wxPython 2.8.

That lets the "browser.visual" module work again. This ...

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Programming Limits

Work with old, large systems enough and you start to get a persistent feeling of Deja Vu. Get large enough and you always seem to grow a set of features that is almost like every other large system, just implemented in a completely different way so that code sharing is simply impossible.

How many file-system ...

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Canadian DMCA

Won't spend much time on this, since others are covering it far better than I.  Suffice it to say that if you are Canadian and don't want to let the government sneak in a major trojan horse to take away your freedoms you probably want to look into the new bill that has ...

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Guiding Hands

Interesting chat with one of our friends this evening. We were batting around the big problems of the day; energy crisis, resource exhaustion, pollution, that kind of thing and looking at the various solutions proposed and possible.

One thing kept coming up, namely the fact that as energy prices soar, alternatives become more affordable comparatively ...

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Uncle Vanya

After work we went to the distillery district to see Uncle Vanya. It was enjoyable, though I found the motivations post-intermission were hard to empathize with... pre-intermission I was really identifying with the characters, they seemed human, dreaming of a better world, but trapped in the mire of the day-to-day.

We want to make the ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.0b3 without a Jukebox

Spent the day mostly on PyOpenGL.  Released a new beta3 of 3.0.0, mostly just a bug-fix release.  Also hacked up a test/demo of a vertex-buffer-object data-storage mechanism that seems to work quite elegantly.

I was intending to build a Celestial Jukebox... then I actually sat down and described it to Dave at ...

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh

In other news, we went to Scotland a few weeks ago. I learned a number of things about Charles Rennie Mackintosh that were a bit surprising for me. For one thing, the thing that attracted me to his work, and I think largely contributes to his popularity is something that he was in the process ...

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