Luck o' the Draw @ World Plone Day

Headed downtown yesterday to check out World Plone Day (Toronto).  Had an interesting discussion with a gentleman I've met before who works in a non-profit that does local-driven training programs where they use Plone to manage their (large) community that is, in essence, a huge tree of conversations/blogs that may need to propagate up to inform others further away about developments.

Discussed the "curriculum discovery/development" product I've been batting around with him, and he agreed that basically it's just a very complex series of interacting workflows as far as Plone is concerned.  There'd need to be some reputation/ranking workflow integration, and a great deal of customization, but it's all just engineering/development, no new technologies needed.

Was a presentation by Robert on the zc.buildout packaging mechanism, which is something I've wanted to spend some time playing with.  We'll probably have him in to speak about it in July at PyGTA.  May get Jordan in to do something on Plone/Zope/Zope-ish tools as well.

Turns out that Zope/Plone folks still have to use Python 2.4, so likely will need Hotshot support from RunSnakeRun. That put that todo a bit higher on the list.

Made quite a bit of progress on OpenGLContext and did a bit of work on RunSnakeRun as well.  The RunSnakeRun "bug" turned out to be a simple matter of the children being so fast that they were < 1 pixel high on-screen, so didn't show.  The Mac bug is still there, though.  OpenGLContext's new rendering engine is now pretty much at feature-parity with the old rendering engine.  There are some rendering artifacts that look like a forgotten "reset" of some variable (e.g. color) so that rendering order can cause an object to flicker between black and its real colour.

At the end of the day I put my hat (actually nametag) in to win a Plone book... and won an iPod Nano.  Very cool.  I think it's my first (physical) Apple product since my old Apple II+, on which I first learned to program.


  1. Alexander Limi

    Alexander Limi on 04/23/2009 11:09 p.m. #

    For the record, the upcoming Plone 4 release will use Python 2.6 and up exclusively.

    I've heard reports that the Plone 3.x releases run fine on Python 2.5, although it's not an officially supported combination as such. Worth a try. :)

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