A Good Day

Opaque, transparent and select (with colours, not select mode) rendering are now all working in the new renderer.  That was more than I was expecting to get done today.  I should likely work on occlusion/frustum queries next (should be fairly easy, Shapes already have queries to check against the frustum and/or do occlusion queries).  The new renderer then needs to actually use the information from the sorted scenegraphs to eliminate texture setup costs... oh, and I should re-enable the ShaderGeometry nodes... be a few more days I suppose.

PyGTA was interesting and informative.  I don't currently have anything I need to use Google App Engine for, but I've got a better idea of what's needed to work with it should the need arise.  Maybe I'll code up a few sample applications just to play with it.

Seneca found a bug in RunSnakeRun on Macs.  Have the error-producing file checked into bzr.  On Linux it just shows up has having no hierarchy, but on Macs it goes into an infinite loop when it tries to clear the device context.  Need to figure out why its failing on Linux and see if it's a problem on my side or on wxPython's.

Very pleasant day spent in the caffe, nice chats with people at PyGTA, and tomorrow (later today I suppose) off to chat with people at World Plone Day.


  1. j_king

    j_king on 04/22/2009 1:17 p.m. #

    I wish I could've made it [to PyGTA]. Missed last month too.. don't want to fall out of touch.

    I have a couple ideas for some presentations. If there's still a spot left for next month, I could totally pitch you something.

  2. Mike C. Fletcher

    Mike C. Fletcher on 04/23/2009 11:49 a.m. #

    Pitch away, we have tentative bookings for 2 and 3 months off, but none for next month yet.

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