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Another round of fixing suspend

Seems that once again I've lost suspend with an Ubuntu update.  Was working perfectly well with Intrepid, but Jaunty just gives me the old, familiar black screen on resume.  Some day this silly laptop will resume properly out-of-box, but today is not that day.

Profiler modules for fun and profit...

I wrote a silly little profiler module yesterday (that is, an actual profiler, not a profile viewer).  It's currently a Python-coded profiler, so pretty much useless, but it was very fun to write :) .  It captures the same basic data as cProfile (that is, it does run-time compression of the data-set rather than logging all ...

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Silly little Eric4 helper script released...

I'm a happy Eric4 user.  I use very little of the "IDE" functionality, other than the project browser and source-code editor.  I am, however, very happy with just that.  I remove the rest of the windows and have a nice clean environment for coding that is snappy and has all the key-bindings I've ...

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So yes, apparently the ARB listens when its remaining community screams.  This extension (as Lorenzo points out) has been promised to be supported by nVidia on all of its planned 3.x cards and it effectively "undoes" the deprecation of the legacy APIs in OpenGL 3.1.  So you can likely get away with not ...

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