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Testing and Point Parameters (sprites)

Spent the afternoon testing PyOpenGL 3.0.1, dull, really.  Found a few errors in the Demo where code was trying to use OpenGL before there is a context (recent Linux drivers are getting *really* picky about that).  Added a flag to the root OpenGL namespace to control unpacking of single-length arrays, thinking that PyOpenGL 3.1 should ...

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Issue tracking for Linux Laptops...

Idly trying to get my (Lenovo W500) to suspend again this morning as I wait for the washing machine to finish.  Biggest problem is that there are so many sites all with outdated information so I have to filter through hundreds of posts most of which are discussing e.g. Ubuntu 8.10 (which suspended fine with ...

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What should networking look like?

I spent far too long today playing with two different networking systems.  The first was RabbitMQ and py-amqplib.  This seems pretty nice, you can send hundreds of messages in a fraction of a second... though it then seems to take *forever* to process them.  Appears to force in-order delivery, including an explicit ack from the ...

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This evening's pyqnet hacking brought to you by annoying neighbours

 Began work on simplifying the PyQNet API.  Got rid of blocking/non-blocking versions (everything is non-blocking now, though there's a "wait" operation to block until incoming messages are received).  Also simplified the callback-based (server) interface.  Added (optional) zlib compression to the packages and added support for arbitrarily sized messages.

Probably next up would be getting the ...

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SimpleParse rev'd for Python 2.6

I've just released the Python 2.6 compatible version of SimpleParse.  The only changes of note were the 2.6 fixes and a renaming of the simpleparse.xml module to simpleparse.xmlparser, as under Python 2.6 import semantics the "xml" module caused an import conflict.

I've released only the 2.5 win32 egg, as I'm using my Vista machine to ...

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50 Year Nukes, Good Governance, Prosperity and Education

Headed out to the "Net Change Week" event this evening.  Got to ranting to Alfonso before the presentations about a few of my pet theories and wound up with this chain:

  • we've got a maximum of maybe 50 years before any rogue nation or disgruntled group can acquire the knowledge required to create nuclear weapons ...

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Suspend problems...

Since updating the Kubuntu Jaunty on my main laptop (Lenovo w500) I've lost my hard-won suspend/resume support that I had with Hardy.  If I have nothing running, happy days, suspend/resume works perfectly through multiple cycles.  Certain apps running, no problem suspending/resuming, but Thunderbird and Firefox, I get a dead black screen on an otherwise fully ...

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